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Your Management Team

How do you measure value? We measure it by the quality of the services we receive for the dollars we spend. At gt Northeast Transportation Services LLC we do not believe in the nickel and dime business approach. The list of services we provide without added cost is extensive. Contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Scott Tuthill has over 30 years in transportation having started as a driver and having experienced rapid growth into middle management and regional sales management for several companies including Purolator, Central Transport, Road Scholar and R+L Carriers.

John Grimanis started his career with Consolidated Freightways in 1974 in operations management and sales management. Having completed his career at CFWY as a regional training manager, John worked in local and national account sales at both Central and R+L Carriers.

Customer Service

Christina (Tina) Nazareno

With experience in accounting, education, project management and customer service Tina brings energy to customer service. She puts a priority on your needs and handling your service issues that provides our clients the efficient responses that are required in a fast paced and complex business environment.

Scott Tuthill  

John Grimanis

Christina Nazareno